Thai Food Concepts

Thai cuisine
Thais, unlike Westerners, share their tasting plates. As our main dinner, we’ll each have cooked white rice, and the rest will be shared. Even if our lifestyle has changed due to more hectic work, we’ve always been taught that eating together as a family and sharing food can build our relationship. We still try to have huge dinners with family and friends. It’s Thai eating etiquette.Thai-originated tastes
Spicy, acidic, sweet, salty, and rich describe Thai cuisine. Tom Yum Goong is spicy, sour, and salty; Tom Kha Gai is sour, rich, and salty. Some foreign tourists mistakenly assume Thai food is usually hot. Thai cuisine should only be seasoned to taste. This preserves Thai food’s authentic flavor and essence.

Flavors authentic to the tongue
If you’ve been to Thailand, you know that most cuisines are salty, sweet, and spicy. Thai food wasn’t always prepared this way decades ago. According to a food stylist at the seminar I attended, Thailand’s temperature is increasing and will continue to climb. Thais enjoy sweets because they make us happy and provide us energy. This doesn’t always mean it’s good. Sugar may cause obesity and diabetes, as is well-known.

Thai food’s origin
Back then, rice, vegetables, and fish were the only real Thai foods accessible. Still true. Later, we learnt how to adapt cuisines from India, China, Laos, and Cambodia and created our own dishes. Thai cuisine’s diversity Thai cuisine is wonderful and cheap. Thai food’s mild flavors. Som Tum may be prepared differently in different locales. Locals and foreigners appreciate Thai food because we can add or modify ingredients.

Eating Trends
Good street food, such pig skewers, fried chicken, or north-east sausage, is accessible practically anywhere in Thailand. Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong are global specialties, whereas Pad Kra Prao and Somtum are indigenous. “Farm to Table” is the latest culinary trend among Thais. We’re reverting to fundamentals. We used to eat a lot of prepared meals, but now we prefer basic, low-fat foods.

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